Creating networks to help businesses build 2022 vision

HINTERLAND businesses struggling through the latest COVID wave are being encouraged to ‘zoom’ into a series of support meetings to help navigate through the challenging start to the year.

The Glasshouse Chamber of Commerce has launched its ‘Tuesday check-ins’ to help businesses connect and discuss the challenges that have reared from the rapid advance of COVID.

Chamber President Jenny Broderick said there was significant concern from some business owners about how 2022 would play out.

“People have had staff not turning up, directives have been unclear and changing … it has been a real problem,” Jenny said.

“So the committee suggested we meet on Zoom and that would allow people to talk about where they’re at, what do they need and allow them to share resources.

“It is also an opportunity to celebrate success as well as be a support network.”

Of the meetings that have already been held many businesses have been able to tell their stories and connect with other businesses to share resources and ideas.

While tourism and hospitality are sectors copping big hits, operators are hopeful issues such as staff shortages are only a short-term headache.

Glass House Mountains Ecolodge owner Keith Murray said while the start of the year was patchy, it appeared to be strengthening from about September.

Keith said dozens of bookings have come in from Europeans in the latter part of the year as they look to head to Australia for long overdue holidays.

“I would expect that to grow when confidence comes back,” he said.

The property sector also appears set to push through the year with a healthy upside.

Glass House Mountains Property Sales’ Kelvin Brady said despite the difficult start to 2022 the property market was still poised for a strong year.

“Once borders open up and immigration rises to help fill skilled job shortages, then that will keep the market going strong in 2022,” he said.

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