Dana and Big Daddy are ready to rumble

By Kirra Livingstone

THE switch has been flicked and Beerwah fighter Dana Coolwell is pumped for his first international bout in just a few weeks time.

His coach, Hinterland Boxing’s Steve Pitt, is also primed for what will be his first time cornering a fight outside of Australia.

It will be an action-packed night for Steve who is also is also coaching heavyweight Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne who headlines the March 18 Dubai card against American Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller.

Steve said that Lucas, at 38-7-3 including 14 knockouts is nearing the end of his career but knows Big Daddy is aiming to turn a few heads when he steps into The Agenda Arena.

Jarrell Miller, nine years Browne’s junior, has 25 wins and one loss.

 “We are looking forward to turning a few heads in Dubai, if we are there and fit and ready we will be able to get the win so that’s what we are hoping for,” he said.

For featherweight Dana to win, Steven said he needed to be aggressive and positive and is confident Dana knows what it will take to come home with the win.

“Dana needs to bash him, we don’t want to have to go to the judges let’s just put it that way and if it does, we need to be so convincing that Stevie Wonder sees it,” he said.

Steve praised Dana’s efforts in his preparation for his first international bout, which will showcase his talent to a larger stage.

“Preparation has been really good, we want to ensure Dana’s sparring is the best it can get for this fight, and he’s on at the moment it’s like a switch has been flipped, we think we are going to do well,” he said.

The bout is on March 18 at Dubai’s Agenda Arena, and if all goes to plan, Dana is expected to be fighting in California in May this year, although dates have not been confirmed yet.