FIGHT FOR FISHER 2022: One Nation candidate Sam Schriever

Ahead of the May 21, 2022 Federal Election, Glasshouse Country & Maleny News asked all six candidates in the Fisher electorate to tell readers who they are and why they want to be a politician. We also asked the candidates to identify one significant issue facing Fisher and what they propose to do about it. Next edition: The Big Pitch

IT’S often said our younger generation is our future, well that’s me, our younger generation. I’m 20 years old and the frustrations I’ve had have motivated me to run in this election. I couldn’t keep sitting back and watching our country go down-hill. Instead of complaining about it I decided to put my hand up and fight for what’s right.

One of the biggest issues, not only of Fisher but Australia- wide, is simply the cost of living, including housing. It’s all well and good saying we need “xyz” but if people can’t house themselves and feed their kids nothing else really matters.

We can simultaneously reduce the cost of living while creating jobs, lowering the youth unemployment rate and contributing to housing affordability. We can do this by making fuel and electricity cheaper. Every business is either heavily directly or indirectly affected by the cost of fuel and electricity. The key to electricity is not to kill our coal industry while alternative options aren’t yet viable.

We support exploring nuclear power – if you want clean and cheap energy than that’s it. It’s 2022, we’ve advanced technologically enough to not need to fear nuclear. The key to lowering the price of fuel, specifically diesel, is to have a true 90 day reserve of crude oil held in Australia and the means to refine that oil into domestically consumable fuels. So when the price of oil goes up, we can strategically release that fuel into domestic markets to lower fuel prices.

Also, GST on fuel needs to be scrapped; fuel is double taxed with excise at a rate of $0.442 per litre and 10% GST. Reducing the cost of diesel and electricity will make building houses cheaper, rent cheaper, food cheaper, fuel cheaper, insurances cheaper, lower youth unemployment, stimulate wage growth while making Australian manufacturing a more attractive option. Killing coal and not caring about strategic fuel management will achieve the exact opposite of everything I’ve just listed.

I’m all for going green but let’s not do it at the detriment of our economy and country.

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*Candidates will be published in alphabetical order