Health and home are top priorities for seniors

Health, staying in their own home, and managing cost-of-living are the top priorities for the almost 900,000 Seniors in Queensland, according to a state-wide survey.

Older Queenslanders are “tech-savvy”, value relationships in person and online, and are the backbone of the state’s volunteers, findings show.

Queensland Seniors Minister Craig Crawford MP has this month launched a new online seniors survey to help develop a new senior’s strategy for Queensland.

“How we age is changing across Queensland,’’ Mr Crawford said.

“People are living longer, are healthier and more active than ever, and we see this across the state.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that by 2050, more than one in five Queenslanders will be 65 years or older. That’s nearly a quarter of our population (22.1 per cent) or 1.8 million people.

Mr Crawford hosted the first 2022 Seniors Expo at Redlands in Brisbane and revealed some of the survey findings from last year’s Seniors Expos.

He said the new online survey would give a greater voice to older people and allow them to share more about what’s important to them as they age.

“Older people are important to Queensland’s future and who better to inform us about their experiences and aspirations than seniors themselves”, Mr Crawford said.