Kevin Rudd will be ‘outspoken’ in Maleny

Outspoken is very excited to bring Kevin Rudd to Maleny for a conversation about his new book, The Avoidable War, The Dangers of a Catastrophic Conflict between the US and Xi Jinping’s China.

Kevin Rudd is, of course, a former Prime Minister of Australia, holding that office from 2007-2010 and then again in 2013.

He has studied, lived in, and worked with China for more than forty years, and is one of the very few people who can offer real insight to the mindsets of the leaders of both the US and China, the men (for that is who they tend to be) whose judgements will determine if a war between them will be fought.

He believes that geopolitical disaster can be avoided, but only if these two powerful nations can find a way to coexist without betraying their core interests.

We consider ourselves immensely privileged to have Kevin Rudd visit Maleny for this discussion.

But the event doesn’t simply stop there. The evening will start with a short interview with the Australian/Icelandic author Kári Gíslason, talking about his new book The Sorrow Stone. In his novel Kári explores one of the most popular of the Icelandic sagas, telling the story of Disa’s flight across the fjords of Iceland after committing an act of revenge for her brother’s murder.

Kári’s passion for the landscape and his knowledge of its rich history shines through on every page.

This event is sure to sell out, please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Outspoken Presents:

Kevin Rudd in Conversation

Wednesday 4th May. 5.45pm for 6.30pm

Maleny Community Centre

Tickets $25 and $18 for students.