Landsborough’s new alfresco street dining open

WHILE plenty of locals and visitors have been enjoying the new licensed outdoor dining at the Landsborough pub for the past few weeks, a special gathering was held recently to officially launch the venue’s new dining area.
The official opening was conducted by Cr Rick Baberowski and Landsborough Hotel owner Terry Morrow.
Kerry Knapp from Landsborough Hotel said it was great to see the new outdoor dining and entertainment area along Cribb Street attracting a lot of interest from both locals and visitors. With the recent installation of a shade structure and feature lighting it was sure to be a popular drawcard to the area, especially once the weather warmed up, Kerry said.

“We are really happy that we can now offer this new alfresco experience that will really add to the vibe and visual appeal of the street and encourage people to sit outside with friends and family and enjoy our beautiful Queensland weather and soak up the atmosphere.
“We hope it’ll attract more people to our area and encourage them to stay a little longer in Landsborough, which will also support our local traders,” Kerry said.
The Landsborough pub has been a long-time supporter of the local fire brigade. Kerry said the staff were pleased that recent auctions of excess sporting memorabilia collected over the years had managed to raise nearly $1,000 towards the final donation amount.

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Landsbrough Pub staff Glenn Evans, Kerri Knapp, and Juanita Gage, with Cr Rick Baberowski and Terry Morrow