Mother’s day can be heartache

Weeks of endless Mother’s Day promotions culminating in a day that for millions of Australians is a reminder of their mother loss creating feelings of overwhelming sadness and isolation, according to Motherless Daughters Australia (MDA).  

MDA is encouraging everyone who will experience the joy of spending time with or speaking to their mum this Mother’s Day to acknowledge and support those navigating life without their mum.

Mother loss has a life altering impact particularly on girls and women.

ABS data reveals that 3.7 million Australian women mothers have died 1.2 million of those before the age of 44, MDA stated. 

MDA is a not for profit charity that offers programs and connection in platforms that allow them to share their grief, happy memories and bittersweet milestones.

Draw Her Wings is an MDA initiative to honour all mothers who have died. The simple heart shape with a halo can be drawn anywhere and on any surface. The wings are appearing on car windows, beaches, as coffee art even as tattoos. #Drawherwings

Danielle Snelling, Co–Founder of Motherless Daughters Australia says small gestures go a long way. “Whether it’s been a few months or 50 years, no one gets over losing their mother but they do learn to live with it and everyone does that differently,” she said.

“Let someone know you are thinking of them, say their mum’s name and let’s remember all mothers on Mother’s Day including those who now have wings.”