Ongoing social and economic price of ED

The Butterfly Foundation, in collaboration with Deloitte, has unveiled the second edition of ‘Paying the Price,’ a report illuminating the ongoing economic and social impacts of eating disorders (ED) in Australia. Released over a decade after the first edition in 2012, the report highlights the pressing need for action. Paying the Price 2024 aligns with the ‘National Eating Disorders Strategy 2023-2033,’ revealing a 21% surge in prevalence and a 36% rise in the cost of eating disorders over the past decade.
Statistics reveal concerning challenges faced by women and young people. Women are twice as likely as men to experience eating disorders, with 27% of affected individuals aged 19 or younger, marking a worrying 13% increase since 2012. Despite this, less than 30% seek help, contributing to 1,273 deaths due to eating disorders in 2023.
Financial challenges associated with eating disorders extend beyond individuals, affecting carers, communities, and workplaces. Healthcare system costs amount to $251 million annually, while employers pay an average of $44,381 per 100 employees.
The report advocates for government commitment to annual $12 million funding for universal and targeted prevention campaigns in schools and organisations.