Peachester Garden Club springs into winter

Contributed by Patricia Bradford

THE  May meeting of the Peachester Garden Club was a lively one and was held in the Peachester Hall, as the garden we planned to visit was too wet underfoot.

Congratulations were extended to John and Pam Innes, celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Birthday greetings extended to Suella Lanceley, celebrating her 70th birthday and to Ann Parker, celebrating her 80th birthday.

Considering all the rain we’ve had, the competition bench was suprisingly well represented.

Results of the competition bench for March were a tie for 1st to Suella and Trish on 15pts; 2nd to Pan on 14pts; and 3rd to Judy Banks on 6pts. The was no competition bench for April.

Something of interest – Suella explained about culinary  uses for her curry  tree and lemon verbena. She also showed off her stunning hibiscus cannabinoid flower and an unusual “blue tongue” tipouchina flower. John Innes had some seeds of St. Johns wort to share and Gaylene Coppa showed off some rather unusual Atherton raspberries.

A mention was made about the New Zealand Cherry Blossom Festival  in September.

The ‘Buckets of Hope’ project has been put on hold for a while, although it’s almost all ready to go.

      Next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16 9.30am at Peachester Hall. A little earlier if you have entries for the competition bench. Flower of the month: Camellia. Please bring along a small plate to share for morning tea.

All welcome for more info phone 5496 9169.