Shine blue, help raise funds for River’s Gift

Contributed by Natalie Usher

Local child care centre raising money for SIDS awareness

ON THE 1st of October 2023 new sleep and rest legislations came into effect within childcare centres and schools across Queensland.
Approved providers nominated supervisors must ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to protect children from harm and from any hazards likely to cause injury.
When making decisions about sleep and bedding equipment and to inform our professional judgment we will conduct risk assessments for all sleep environments, consider sleep and rest needs of each child including health needs, consider best practice, ensure there is always adequate supervision and monitoring of children at all times during sleep and rest periods, ensure sleep and rest policies are created and reviewed regularly.
Out & About Care & Education, Mooloolah Valley, has chosen to support a non-profit organisation called River’s Gift to raise awareness and Shine Blue for a day on the 7th of November 2023.
River’s Gift is Australia’s solely focused charity dedicated to funding world leading scientific research, providing safe sleep education, and raising awareness of SIDS syndrome. It will be amazing that we are getting involved as a centre in giving back to this organization who spread awareness and education. To commemorate the 12th anniversary of their own son River’s passing on Tuesday the 7th of November, this year they are asking schools and childcare centres to shine blue with them. As part of shine blue, they are distributing blue heart hand tattoos to participants involved on the day for future awareness and possible fundraising. Our centre at Mooloolah Valley is getting involved with children and families. This will be a great community involvement with our families for a day to shine blue and spread further awareness.
As part of Shine Blue, River’s Gift are distributing temporary “blue heart” hand tattoos to childcare centres, schools and businesses around Australia, raising awareness and fundraising for SIDS research. Thousands of tattoos will be shipped across the country for children and adults to wear on Tuesday November 7th.
Did you know that Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy, including SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) still claims the lives of over 100 babies in Australia every year? River Waddell was one of these babies.
On the 7th of November 2011 at just 128 days old, he silently died in his sleep. River’s Gift was born from this tragedy.