Sophie brings home bronze in Deaf Games success

17-YEAR-old Glasshouse Mountains netballer, Sophie Bowen, says winning bronze for Queensland at the Australian Deaf Games was a dream come true.

The former Tibros Goal Attack, who now plays for Caloundra is aiming to trial for the Sunshine Coast Premier League team later in the year.

“I didn’t know how to react when I found out I was picked to compete at the Australian Deaf Games, I was very happy and just went along with it,” she said.

She was over the moon when her netball squad were victorious in securing a bronze medal at the games.

“We went really well, we came back with a bronze medal, I unfortunately only played for two days because I was sick on the first day,” Sophie said.

“I ended up playing against New Zealand for both games, but they ended up being really good games.

“It was surreal to win a bronze, it was so good, we got towards the end of the game and we just had smiles and hugs and everything.

“It was honestly amazing.”

Sophie was born deaf and had hearing aids installed when she was six months old.

Sophie hopes to play in the 2026 Australian Deaf Games, which is set to be held on the Sunshine Coast in July.

She said it would be great to have a hometown advantage.

“I think the inclusivity of the games is great,” she said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many deaf and hard of hearing athletes until I was included in the Australian Deaf Games.

“The energy is a lot different too, everyone supports everyone no matter what team you’re in, where you come and everything, everyone includes you and supports you.”