Steve Sparrow, meet Steve Sparrow

By Dr Michael Whiticker

Coming up on Saturday, October 21 at Maleny RSL at 7.30pm will be a concert that we (the Glasshouse Musos) are organising. “Steve Sparrow meet Steve Sparrow” will feature two superb guitar player  / singers, who just happen to have the same name, meeting for the first time. Fascinatingly neither knew the other existed until we asked them to come together for this one concert. If you’re a local you might just have heard of the Brisbane-based Steve Sparrow but you’re less likely to have seen or heard the Townsville-based Steve. Check a clip below…he’s a stunning guitar player! An exciting part of this one-off concert will be the final set where they will come together to share the stage for some fireworks! Do put this one in your diary! It’ll be $20 at the door and all profit goes to the artists.

Here is some background on the artists:

Townsville-based Steve Sparrow started playing guitar when he was 14. He is influenced by a vast array of musical genres that include rock, jazz, country, classical, metal, Irish, folk and bluegrass. Steve has composed music for television and musicals. He loves sharing his interpretation of favourite songs whist sprinkling some original material throughout his performance. Although known as a guitar wielder he’s also not a bad singer.

 Brisbane-based Steve Sparrow is a country singer, songwriter and a very accomplished guitarist, who likes his bluegrass on the side. Born totally blind, he has overcome adversity with his original brand of music. His song “Social Network Freak”, from his Album “Paint your Cactus Green”, made number one on the Australian Country Tracks Chart, along with other top ten singles.   Steve performs at many music festivals across the country and plays through a range of genres, mixing up country, blues folk and rock, with his finger style guitar sounds, original songs, some reworked covers and sometimes a little comedy. Steve is also a well-respected record producer – he won a gold guitar at the Gore Country Music Festival in New Zealand and recently had the lead role in a Facebook promotion campaign for TransLink.

Here’s a clip

We do hope some of our readers will be able to get to this concert to support our musicians and live music and us! More info

Hope to see some of you at this concert, but whether you do or don’t make it, have  a fantastic month!

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