Welcome to The Enclave

By Greg Brown

THE new 63-lot residential subdivision between Bunya and Tallowwood streets in Maleny has been given a name, which some may find a little bizarre.

The Enclave Maleny is what the development company RM Developments has decided to go with.

Although some from outside the area may say that the definition of enclave – a part of a country or a group of people who are different from the people living in the surrounding area – could be seen as an apt descriptor of the uniquely different Maleny mindset, the estate name is a definite transgression from the norm.

Usually, the preferred marketing label relates to the environment. Nice words such as meadow, green, haven, cloud or forest.

Maybe this new part of Maleny will attract some ‘different’ people who like the idea that they can truthfully say that they live in a special enclave in Maleny.

The first stage of the land release features 19 lots ranging from 800m2 to 1,506m2, with prices starting from $499,000 for land only.

The remaining 44 lots will be released in future stages.

Of the lots already being marketed, most are priced in the mid-$500,000 range. Add to that the cost of a new house build, landscaping and fit-out and you’re looking around the million-dollar mark.

If you’d like to read about what the development offers in the way of a Maleny lifestyle, check out website www.theenclavemaleny.com.au