Cleaner energy edge

By Kirra Livingstone

Fierce Solar Cleaning helps to get maximum efficiency from the sun

Koen Fiers is a world away from his homeland of the Netherlands, but alongside Aussie wife Tahnee, the dynamic duo are bringing their expertise in the renewable solar sector to ensure that hinterland households are making the most of the state’s ample sunlight.
The couple met in 2014 and have spent the past few years in Europe.
Now they’ve returned with their business to the Glass House Mountains, with plans to continue providing their eco-friendly, professional cleaning services to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and to educate on the importance of solar panel maintenance and more.
Fierce Solar Cleaning has a proven method in how they clean solar panels and hope to educate Australians on the importance of maintaining their solar investments, as it is an asset people should be protecting.
“We have a reverse osmosis system. I’ve got a 750 litre water tank in my trailer and I have got four sets of filters, (two) pre-filters, a resin filter and a membrane, and they basically split the water and therefore it leaves the water demineralised,” Koen said.
“Reverse osmosis water actually attaches to minerals, and so it attaches to dirt – it pulls it off and it has no minerals or anything left on the surface, it leaves the surface completely spot free and completely smooth.
“Therefore it’s harder for dirt to re-adhere, whether it is to glass or your solar panels, it leaves them cleaner for longer.”
Tahnee and Koen stressed the importance of why it is so crucial to clean your solar panels, and cleaning them the correct way.
“People tend to think solar panels are self cleaning – but we know windows aren’t self cleaning. The mentality is ‘it’s on the roof so the rain washes it’ but they do get dirty,” Tahnee said.
“It’s not just dirt you need to clean, but for example, bird droppings have acids in them – if they fall on the solar panel and you leave them for too long, the sun actually burns it into the panel and it leaves a hot spot,” Koen said.
“Therefore, the panel’s cells don’t perform as they should, and the whole panel will perform less and less, and over time it will breakdown your investment. That’s why maintenance is so important.”
Koen and Tahnee believe it’s important for a professional to clean your solar panels as they are a big investment, however he provides free tips to people to ensure the cleaning is done as safely as possible if done themselves.
One tip from Koen was:
“There are people who want to do it themselves and that’s fine, but don’t do it with tap water, use pure rain water because it doesn’t have the chemicals in it such as chlorine, and therefore the panel will not be damaged.”
Fierce Solar Cleaning recommends you should have your solar panels cleaned at least once a year, as panels can lose anywhere from 25 per cent or more of their capacity, which can lead to permanently damaging your panel and cost you money rather than save you money in solar savings.
They are entirely eco friendly, septic friendly and wildlife safe for all of their cleaning services, including window and roof cleaning, to minimise damage to the environment and care for your home assets professionally.
They aspire to be your well known local professionals!
To get a free quote or consultation, contact Koen on 0478 900 875, or email Fierce Solar Cleaning at or visit .