Fight for Fisher – Judene Andrews, Australian Labor Party

Fisher candidates deliver their ‘Big Pitch’ to the electorate

AN Albanese Labor Government will change Australia for the better.

Labor will deliver services Australians need. Like aged care and cheaper child care and action on the housing crisis. We will save billions of dollars by cutting consultants and abolishing sports and carpark rorts. Labor’s climate policy will reduce emissions by 43% in eight years, and legislate getting to Net Zero by 2050, while keeping energy prices down through our Powering Australia plan.

In contrast, the Liberal-National Party is still arguing about whether man made climate change even exists. Remember this when you vote. Vote for your children’s future.

Labor’s been careful to promise measured, badly needed and responsible investments in infrastructure and critical services, rebuilding them after years of neglect. Our housing plan is a great start to addressing the current crisis. Helping first home buyers get a home and providing more social housing and tackling the delivery of housing support so we can help the most vulnerable.

The Morrison government has failed to deliver on billion-dollar promises it made before the last election. All talk and no action. No response to the housing crisis other than it is not my problem, not my responsibility.

Labor will act quickly for those in aged care, putting in place the recommendations of the Royal Commission. It will guarantee our seniors dignity, fairness and safety in their later years. We will fix aged care.

The Morrison government has refused to implement the recommendations of its own royal commission. It’s not my problem, not my responsibility.

Labor will also put in place an independent federal integrity commission with teeth that will investigate and act against corruption. The Morrison government refuses to even table its “watchdog” plans so they can be debated in Parliament. It’s not my problem not my responsibility.

Labor will strengthen Medicare, so that it’s easier for everyone to see a doctor. Medicare is in Labor’s DNA, no more cuts as we have seen under the LNP.

We’ll create secure local jobs by investing in fee-free TAFE and in more university places, and we will make your jobs more secure with better pay and conditions. Also gender equity is one of our reform goals in the industrial relations field.

Labor will make more things in Australia, investing with business in manufacturing and renewables so we can create more Australian jobs. And Labor will make childcare cheaper so that it’s easier for working families to get ahead.

As for me, climate change action is front and centre of the key issues I want to tackle.

Once again, there’s a contrast. The LNP’s Fisher MP is on record denying that man-made climate change even exists.

If I’m elected as the next Member for Fisher, I will work hard and stay connected with the Sunshine Coast communities I represent.

I will work constructively with all levels of government to make sure we do not miss opportunities. Together we can build a better future for Fisher.

The time for change is now. Time for Judene Andrews – Labor for Fisher.

F: Judene Andrews – Labor for Fisher