Food, fuel relief available

FOOD and fuel vouchers are now available locally to support people who have been adversely affected by the recent floods and storms. Direct support is available at the Glass House Mountains Neighbourhood Centre and the Morris House Landsborough Neighbourhood Centre.

Funds specifically for flood and storm relief have been sought through the Adventist Disaster and Relief Agency (ADRA).

Glasshouse Country Community Development Worker, Natasha Odgers, who supported the Neighbourhood Centres to obtain the funds explained how people can access the support.

“People can go to either Neighbourhood Centre in Glass House and Landsborough to access food and fuel vouchers,” Natasha said.

The value of the food vouchers are $30 for singles, $60 for couples and $90 for adults and children. Fuel vouchers are valued at total of $30 each. All vouchers are provided on a per household basis.

All people need to do is show identification, such as a drivers licence, and state how you were adversely affected by the recent floods and/or storms.

This may include reasons such as loss of food, damage to property and contents or loss of income”.

David Kelsey, Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Landsborough said: “We understand that this is a difficult time for the community, and we want to encourage you to reach out, if you want or need to have a chat – our door is always open.”

Both Neighbourhood Centres are 100% run by volunteers and are also seeking volunteers for office duties.