Hobby with an irresistible allure

By Jack Waters

EXPRESSING his creativity through fishing lures has always been Roy Noy’s passion. However, after producing about 800,000 of them, this once small hobby turned into somewhat of a tireless venture.

Deciding to ditch the lures and run his own cleaning business for almost 15 years, Rob is now back doing what he loves after rediscovering the passion he always knew he had.

“I had some friends come to me and ask for some advice on how to make lures and once I started teaching them, I started getting a bit of interest back again,” Rob said.

Stepping into Rob’s home you can definitely tell this interest has returned. Lures of all shapes, sizes and designs transform the walls into a sea of colour and emphasise a point – there’s certainly more than one way to catch a fish!

The magic all happens on Rob’s new CNC router, coming in at the cost of two brand new cars. With the right calculations, this state-of-the-art machine carves the wooden lures to the exact shape programmed, leaving Rob with a perfect product each time.

“Everybody’s got a different style but being made out of timber I think these lures have a better action in the water,” Rob said.

“A lot of hard plastic lures have got a rattle in them but my theory’s always been if your lure’s any good you don’t need a rattle and I’ve proved that point time and time again.”

And he certainly has, most notably in a lure called the Ridgeback, which was stocked in 250 tackle stores Australia-wide after Rob relocated from his Dalby home to the Glass House Mountains.

And if fishing lures weren’t enough, Rob has also taken up another unique hobby – carving photographs into acrylic.

“If you’ve got a family photo or a photo of a pet that’s passed, I can do all of that,” he said.

Rob can be contacted on 0490 670 984 to discuss pricing of the acrylic carvings. He also says his door is always open for anyone wishing to learn how to make lures.

Rob’s Facebook page can be found at Revenge Lures.