Join the rally to demand council action on climate change

A coalition of local community and action groups, calling themselves Climate Action Network Sunshine Coast (UCANSC), urgently wants you to join them in a good old-fashioned rally outside the Caloundra council chambers on Wednesday morning, November 10.

They are calling on locals, in a show of solidarity and unity to encourage Sunshine Coast Councillors to recognise the climate emergency and develop a whole-of-Council climate action plan.

On the day council will be debating a notified motion sponsored by Division 10 councillor David Law, asking them to recognise the continuing and dramatic deterioration of the Earth’s climate described in the latest IPCC report.

According to Greg Neave, a spokesperson for UCANSC, the report accompanying the motion shows that, on the current trajectory, council will fail to meet its target of net zero emissions by 2041.

“We are talking about an emergency,” said Mr Neave.

“The last seven years have been the hottest on record. Mean temperatures on the Sunshine Coast have already increased by 1 degree. To keep it below 1.5 degrees, everyone – including council – must aim for net-zero by 2030, not 2041, and immediately reduce their emissions. We strongly urge Council to pass this motion.”

The colourful rally will greet the Councillors as they arrive. Concerned citizens are asked to gather from 7.30am at the entrance to the council chambers carpark in Nutley Street.

From there, the rally will move around to the Minchinton Street entrance with banners, imaginative props, songs, chants and whirling dervishes before packing out the public gallery for the vote.

“We want councillors to be clear about the public mood on this issue”, Mr Neave said.

“Recent polling by the Australian Conservation Foundation shows that 67% of voters in Fairfax and 62% in Fisher want civic leaders to do more to avert the climate crisis. People want safety and security, for themselves and future generations.”

See the UCANSC facebook page for more details.