Landsborough dog kennel noise will be unacceptable expert says

THE controversial proposal by Diamond Valley Kennels Pty Ltd to build a large dog breeding and kennel facility in Landsborough may have hit a snag, with Sunshine Coast Council receiving an independent expert report questioning the level of noise the facility would create.

The report by Paul King, principal engineer of MWA Environmental, a firm specialising in acoustic assessments, reviewed the findings of the noise assessment report submitted in support of the development application.
Mr King assessed the methodologies used by the original consultants – RoadPro Acoustics – and determined there were some flaws in their processes and assumptions.
Mr King said in his report that he was surprised the application suggested the entire kennel and breeding facilities would be enclosed and air-conditioned, specifically stating he was “not aware of any other kennel facility that provides for all kennel areas to be air-conditioned”.
“Some facilities provide ventilation through natural acoustic-rated means and others provide extraction fan systems with acoustic inlet and outlet systems,” Mr King said.
“At this point in time there is no specific detail to understand how, on a proposal of this large scale, ventilation is to be provided and noise contained.”

His report was critical of the fact that the proposal gave no details on the provision of visual screening between individual dog runs or play areas to reduce visual stimulus, which would lead to dogs barking.
“In summary, the proposal for 200 boarding dogs and 60 adult breeders (plus puppies) is a large-scale kennel facility that has potential to generate significant noise from dog barking,” Mr King said.

In a damning final statement, Mr King shoots down the development: “At this point in time, on the basis of the information available, I do not consider that council can approve the development proposal with appropriate conditions to ensure that noise amenity of surrounding residents is suitably protected.”
The council published the review report on its development assessment website, which can be viewed at and search for MCU18/0311.