Masterpiece trials ease dancers in

By Kirra Livingstone

ALTHOUGH Masterpiece Dance doesn’t have sign on days this year, owner Sarah Kwarcianyi says it offers multiple free trial classes for kids still deciding if dance is for them.

“We had a free trial in December, but we offer free trial classes for kids still looking at enrolling later in the term if they aren’t 100 per cent sure,” she said.

However, Sarah isn’t too worried about registration numbers as there are already waiting lists to join some of its term one classes.

“Our registrations are always pretty consistent… we are starting adult classes this term and we’ve got a lot of adults booked in so far, and more who will come in when they can,” she said.

Masterpiece is expecting a big year with many new additions to the studio including a new acrobatics teacher and launching an after-school program at Beerwah State Primary School.

“She’s lovely and seems like a really good fit for our dance school, so I’m excited for her to meet all the kids and get into our classes,” she said.

“She’s done cheerleading, tumbling, acrobatics and dancing so she’s got a lot of experience in state schools and studios and has taught big groups of kids in the past.

“We will do an hour-long program Thursday afternoons for a six week block… and hopefully get some interest and if we get a lot of interest we can extend that.”

The dance studio has also introduced a home school dancing program, which will allow home schooled kids to dance every Friday morning in a non-competitive, fun, and social environment.