Montville Coffee stays true to core values

Local producer’s uncompromising commitment to positive social change

By Sonia Isaacs

Producer name:
Sean McGowan (General Manager)
Business Name:
Montville Coffee
Location: Baringa
Number of years in operation: 24
Q: How would you best describe your business?
Montville Coffee only sources beans from Certified Organic Fairtrade growers and we use our business as a force for good. As a certified B Corporation, our customers have a guarantee that our business is purpose driven to create benefits for all individuals and communities we interact with.
Q: How did it all begin?
In the year 2000, our founders, Karen and Richard Barnett launched Montville Coffee in the heart of their geographic home, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
Together, they agreed that this new adventure and business must be able to sustain itself without sacrificing its values as they kept progressing through their business growth milestones. 24 years on, and Montville Coffee remains uncompromisingly committed to its values, its team (half of which reside on the Hinterland range), the community and its desire to deliver memorable coffee experiences.
Q: What are some of your interests?
I’m a keen foodie, musician, and traveller.
Coffee is part of every adventure I take.
I’ve been fortunate to visit a series of coffee growing origins over the years including Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Tansania, and one of our Fairtrade Organic Co-Operatives in Sumatra.
I’m passionate about the welfare of our growers and their communities. The coffee industry grapples with the tyranny of distance and given the isolation and unique growing conditions required to grow the coffee we source, Australians aren’t easily able to appreciate the effort, and complexities that go into producing it. Sharing our stories from Coffee Origin’s with the local community here, allows us to educate others with the benefits of sourcing Fairtrade and Organic Coffee and how this system of trading coffee empowering growers and their communities to bring themselves into a more prosperous and optimistic future, and out of the poverty cycle.
For every additional kg of coffee we roast and sell to the local community, we know another grower and their community is moving closer to a positive social change. I feel really good about that.
Q: What are some of your most popular blends and why?
Our Woodford Blend, and Sunshine Coast Blend are tried and tested heroes in our range. These two gems have been with us for over two decades, and it seems apparent that the community just can’t get enough of them. Try our Hinterland Decaf too for a Chemical Free decaf that simply tastes… great!
Q: What is unique about Montville Coffee?
Our private and group Barista classes are a hoot. We cover all manners of expertise, from professional barista sessions, to at home tips and tricks to really master that home espresso or latte art.
Our Build your Dream Blend experiences are highly interactive, and provide a fully immersive coffee experience. You can craftily combine your own unique coffee blend from our range of single origins to take home and share with friends and family.
Q: Where in the Hinterland can people purchase your product?
Visit the iconic Bucks Bakery in Landsborough where the friendly trained baristas will prepare your daily cup of joe using Montville Coffee from 6am every Monday to Sunday.
Or, if it’s coffee at home you’re seeking, you can purchase our beans or ground coffee from the Maleny Co-Op, Maleny IGA, Montville IGA, and Mapleton IGA.