PCP Baroque Brilliance

Eudlo concert bringing musical greatness

Pacific Chamber Players are presenting the Baroque Brilliance concert 2.30pm Saturday 18 November at Eudlo Hall, featuring works from composers including Jan Dismas Zelenka, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Zelenka and Bach were brilliant in there writing of counterpoint and use of harmonies. Their works are highly intelligent taking the player and listener through many keys and hence emotions. They also require a virtuosic brilliance from the Players. Other soloists for the afternoon are mother and daughter team, flautists Sharelle and Jazmin Guest, performing in Brandenburg Concerto No 4. Violinist Anna Moores and oboist Sue Hunkin will feature in Bach’s Concerto for Oboe and Violin in C Minor. Pacific Chamber Players have been providing quality performances for more than 20 years. The audience will not be disappointed with the music nor the musicianship of the Players. Tickets- $33 Adult, $30 Concession, $10 Student. www.pacificchamberplayers.com .