Roman from here to there

By Kirra Livingstone

A NEW 100 metre pedestrian bridge connecting Baringa to Nirimba has been unveiled as part of the Bells Creek Arterial Road development, set to be complete by mid this year.

The bridge, which extends over the soon-to-be-completed Bells Creek Arterial Road allows residents to safely walk and bicycle over it, with bike lanes for cyclists and two origami like bird statues on either end of the bridge.

Caloundra State MP Jason Hunt said the extension of the existing Bells Creek Arterial Road to Roys Road is expected to be open by mid-2023 with immediate benefits to residents of Beerwah, Glass House Mountains and Landsborough who will  be able to travel to Aura and Caloundra and avoid highway traffic.

“It is the most beautiful road in the history of road construction nothing since the Roman Empire will match this particular road,” Mr Hunt said.

“It’s being built on time and built on target.”

“If you are in Beerwah currently, you’ll be able to get into Caloundra and you will cross the Steve Irwin way, in about a 20-metre section, and you won’t touch the Bruce Highway at all.

“It’s magnificent and makes it easier for emergency services vehicles from Caloundra or Kawana to get to Beerwah and surrounds quicker, safer, and on a less convoluted route.”

Stockland project director, Josh Sondergeld, said the bridge will accommodate and encourage an active ‘cycle city’ community,” he said.

“The opening of this bridge over the Bells Creek Arterial enhances the placemaking at Aura through public art and, importantly, improves the safety for children, cyclists, pedestrians and the wider Aura community.”