What does seniors abuse look like?

DOMESTIC and family violence is not inflicted only on the young, nor only as physical abuse. Seniors need to be vigilant about those who try to control them and be aware of the many ways this can happen; it does not always take the form of physical violence.

          It is vitally important not only to recognise ‘abuse’ but also to know how to deal with it, and where to go for help. And there is help out there.

          Speak Up Now, an initiative of the Combined Service Clubs of Maleny and the Blackall Range, has brought to your community awareness of domestic and family violence and what you can do to help yourselves and others since the beginning of 2020. The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre is now a part of the organisation.

          One of the most effective and popular information sessions has been the Seniors Forum, and by popular demand another will be held on Maleny at the RSL Club on Monday March 20 from 9 am – 11.30am. So go along, share the free morning tea, and listen to some experts on the subject of elder abuse that can be physical, emotional and/or financial.

          You don’t have to be an older person, either. You may just be concerned about someone you know or love who you feel is being subjected to some form of coercive control.

          Feedback from previous forums have overwhelmingly voted them a top five stars. Some of the comments include:

          On the topic – excellent – more detailed seminars please.

          Just making aware of what is available, so helpful.

Brilliant, so well done and thought provoking… grey areas in the execution of EPOA.

          There will be a short film in the form of a drama, a fictional story outlining issues for older people and their legal rights. It will explain how you can go about protecting yourself with, among other things, an Enduring Power of Attorney.

          There will be an MC who will guide you through a question and answer session if there is something you don’t understand, and the speakers will be able to speak to you personally if you don’t care to voice a concern you might have publicly.

          The experts conducting the Q&A session will include the host Julian Porter from the Suncoast Legal Service. Representatives from Centacare Domestic Violence Service, Relationships Australia Elder Abuse team and Queensland Police Service (QPS) Vulnerable Persons Unit will also be available to give you their expertise and where you can go for help.

          It would help if you could let the organisers know if you are coming, for catering purposes, so please let them know by March 13 to 0419599042 (Val France). But if you are nervous about this, just go along anyway, even if you haven’t told them.