Campaigning gets personal

I’m a true independent, says Div 1 candidate

By Mitch Gaynor

DIVISION 1 candidate Kristy Taylor-Rose says she is swapping preferences with Stan Nawrocki in order to beat her “main competitor”, Jenny Broderick.
Ms Taylor-Rose was asked from the floor at last week’s Landsborough Meet the Candidates forum why she had agreed to the preference swap deal.
“The main reason why I put Stan second is because Jenny is my main competitor,” she explained.
“I’m here to beat her.”
In further pointed questioning from attendees, Ms Taylor-Rose was also asked whether former councillor Rick Baberowski had funded any part of her campaign. Ms Taylor-Rose said that there had been no donations whatsoever and the only help had been from Mr Baberowski’s son, Huxley, who had handed out some how to vote cards.
“Rick Baberowski’s family has not given me a cent for my campaign,” she said. “I have had Huxley hand out a how to vote card. Big deal. You can check my bank account. I am a true independent.”
Ms Taylor-Rose, who serves as P&C president in Aura, said she was a true grassroots campaigner funding her own race.
She added that, despite the challenges of being head of the P&C at a demanding school in Aura with a diverse student population and “intense parents”, she decided to run for office after discussions with her family.
“We need to get back to the grassroots of our council,” she said. “We need to get back to the grassroots of our council.”
Ms Broderick said that after 20 years giving back to the community as a volunteer she wanted to do that “on a full-basis”.
“We live in the most phenomenal part of the world. We need to make this community thrive,” she said.
“It is wonderfully diverse and we need someone who is going to stand up and give it the representation it deserves.”
Mr Nawrocki said he was ready to give 100 per cent effort to Division 1.