Pet rego now overdue for owners

THE Sunshine Coast Council is reminding the region that cat and dog owners must renew their pet registration now and if you have recently got a pet, you must register your pet to the Council. If renewals aren’t completed now, you could risk receiving an infringement. Discounts apply for desexed pets, costing $26 and free registration if you have a current pensioner card and your pet is both desexed and microchipped, and if you have a desexed and microchipped cat, you can pay $95 for lifetime registration, with no annual renewal fee required. Registration is free for pets under six-months-old. Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor, Winston Johnston, said pet registration is important, as it helps Council to reunite lost pets with their owners and provides funding to pet-related services. The annual registration period for cats (excluding lifetime registered cats) and dogs starts on October 1 each year and runs through until September 30 the following year. For more information visit council’s website.